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The Cool Kids Take Us on a Tour of Their Chicago

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Hip hop duo The Cool Kids have been at the forefront of Chicago’s creative class since coming onto the scene in 2007. Comprised of rappers Sir Michael Rocks and and Chuck Inglish, the music collective embodies the style, sound and spirit of the city.

In preparation for the new season of The Chi on Showtime, we followed The Cool Kids through Chicago as they showed us how the city they live in comes alive through their craft. “Chicago is extremely rich on originality,” says Mikey Rocks. “This is one city where you don’t catch two people who sound alike.” A tour of the city through their eyes — from freestyling on the basketball court at 18th Street and State to picking out sneakers at Boneyard Boutique — shows that these talents are a product of the place that made them.

The acclaimed series, The Chi, created and executive produced by Lena Waithe, taps into the spirit of the city that The Cool Kids represent. Filmed entirely in Chicago, the new season continues to bring a distinct sense of place to life through its setting, characters and coming of age story.

Check out the full video above and tune into the new season of The Chi this Sunday at 10 PM EST on Showtime.

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